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TOWIE 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga Hornchurch

1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga Hornchurch Scottish Mutual House, 27-29 North St, Hornchurch RM11 1RS

You saw the girls in a recent episode getting their shapes in trim, now there is something else for you to try on your visit to Brentwood. 848 cars the specialised Towie taxi company will take you to Hornchurch for about £24.00 in one of their 6 or £32.00 in one of their 8 seaters.seaters. If you are lucky your driver may even be Big John who himself was featured roller-skating in one episode of Towie. You can see a clip of this here. About 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga is presented to you by Danny Ellis founder of 1-2-1 Urban Fitness, Romford. 1-2-1 Urban hot yoga has been a dream of Danny’s for many years, but has struggled to find the right venue and the right person to bring a new found energy and give Hot yoga the funky twist that he envisioned. Along came Dean Boswell with over 20 years yoga experience and a genuine respect for the art of Yoga and its history. Danny’s idea of a hot yoga studio that blends chilled and funky music to the traditional yoga movements is one that Dean fell in love with. Dean will be the face of 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga and will be bringing his experience and infectious character. He has a renowned reputation for his unique, traditional yoga sessions. Dean will be working along side a group of experienced teachers which will bring their own individual styles. This will give you at 1-2-1 many choices. To create 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga, it has taken great vision, a belief and a little courage for us to break free from some traditional ties of Yoga. We are taking Hot Yoga into the future, enabling us all to grow and change as nothing in life stays the same. To practice Hot Yoga all you need to do is be yourself. Yoga has never been about how far you can bend, it is more honest than that, in fact, Yoga is about how you feel and not how it looks. So therefore, to benefit from Hot Yoga please bring yourself, please be yourself and most importantly, enjoy the 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga experience. We are always here to assist you on your Hot Yoga journey. #towie #Theonlywayisessex



#The Only Way is Essex


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