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Wild Ocean, the new single by Drawn Tide

Check out this amazing new single by Drawn Tide.

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The Most Up To Date Towie Tour June 2019

Love it or hate it, TOWIE is here to stay. All the glitz and glamour of a small provincial town "Brentwood"  which in the 1990's was voted the most boring town in England, not helped by "bored town" being its anagram. After Lockdown I think there will places that do not re-open will we publish a new reality tour as soon as possible. In the meantime here is the latest music video from a real Brentwood girl Victoria Halliburton, this is her first song from her new album due to be released in June, Wild Ocean from Drawn Tide, she is real Towie. Shot on Frinton Beach which is probably the best beach and seaside town in Essex.


The original name of Brentwood was Burntwood which people think came from a clearing in the surrounding forest created by a fire, indeed, that is the name on some old 18th-century maps. It really started growing as a major coaching stop on The Roman Road between London and Colchester. Horses were rested every ten miles and Brentwood being 20 miles from London, would have been the second stop on visitors to East Anglia. However, it has now become the first stop for millions of Towie fans who descend on Brentwood every weekend, to share in the delights of The Towie television crew.



Things have changed a bit during Covid, Pivaz restaurant is now Figo, The Pazuza Bar next to The Sugar Hut has closed, Danni's shop in Hornchurch has closed, I think she has other things on her mind at the moment, and Jess has a new TV program coming soon. Brentwood is really buzzing again and we are working on a new Virtual Video Tour coming soon.


We welcome visitors from, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Liverpool, Wales, Devon and Cornwall and all stops in between, every weekend, our hotels are full the pubs and clubs are buzzing. Hen parties, Birthday girls, Stag parties help to make the party atmosphere. The shops with their Towie cast members in attendance are open every Saturday, Sunday and are happy to have a picture taken with their fans. Brentwood has become a major tourist spot, with Brit Movie Tours and 848 cars offering Towie Tours. This includes two of the shops outside Brentwood Bella Sorella  (Now closed) in Loughton and Danni's new shop (Now closed) in Hornchurch, it also features some of the Towie locations like The William the IV, and The Blue Boar in Abridge,  which was Mark Wright's local before he moved in with Michelle Keegan.  Of course, we had our personalities in Brentwood before Towie, Jodie Marsh has been a firm favorite and Frank Lampard attended Brentwood School, Steve Davies, Frank Bruno, Trevor Brooking, Barry Hearn, Ray Parlour, Fatima Whitbread,  Graham Gooch, Johnny Herbert, Louise Rednapp, Pixie Lott have all been here at some time or other.

So come and enjoy The Towie experience in Brentwood we will all try to make sure you have a weekend to remember.


#The only way is Essex

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